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GRAZIE Italian Restaurant Kota Kinabalu

Located on the Waterfront, this is an Italian restaurant serving some of the most delicious dishes. The amazing location of the place overlooking the harbour offers guests with an opportunity to relax and unwind in a ... Read More


Party Play Lifestyle Cafe

The Party Play Lifestyle Cafe located in Gaya Street happens to be a historic foodie joint of Kota Kinabalu. The place offers an extensive of western delights and oriental flavours along with a fusion of both ... Read More


Little Italy

Located close to Best Western, Little Italy is a restaurant that is well renowned for its delicious, consistent and fresh food. This is an extremely busy restaurant and rated amongst the best Italian restaurants of Kota ... Read More


Sunset Bar & Grill

The Sunset Bar & Grill located within the exquisite Nexus Hotel and Spa is a place where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset savouring on your favourite dishes. The restaurant has a lovely setting to enjoy ... Read More


Fatty Kee (under Angs Hotel)

Situated right below the Ang’s Hotel is the restaurant named Fatty Kee. This restaurant has quite a reputation for its pork dishes. Even though, the place can get crowded at times but, the services offered are ... Read More


Kopi Ping Cafe

If you are searching for some satisfying food experience in Kota Kinabalu at affordable prices then, Kopi Ping Cafe will definitely live up to your expectations. The freshly brewed Borneo coffee available at the cafe is ... Read More


Restoran Sli Melaka

The outside appearance of this restaurant might not be that much impressive but, that is not the case with the dishes served at the place. The interiors are simple and the place remains crowdy most of ... Read More



This restaurant in Sabah serves authentic Indian dishes that are delectable. Kohinoor follows a typical Malaysian architecture that has hints of Indian. The restaurant offers typical North Indian delicacies. The staffs are warm, friendly and hospitable ... Read More

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