Monkey Tops Safari

Monkey Tops Safari Brian
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Kampong Kota Klias,Beaufort, Sabah 89800

This wetland forest is one of the most visited tourist spots in Sabah. The forest abounds in wildlife and is enriched with dense vegetation. The wildlife covers a large variety like Long Tail Macaques, Proboscis Monkeys, fireflies, crocodiles, and a number of different species of birds. The local buildings here are made of local materials. It can accommodate more than two hundred visitors. There is a counter bar attached to the complex along with a shop selling souvenirs that has a complete array of handicrafts done by the locals. The observation tower runs a height of thirty feet and gives an all encompassing view of the river banks and the wetland forest with its vegetation and wildlife.

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125.10 km » Mount Kinabalu
71.58 km » Manukan Island

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